Czichos: "It's not all doom and gloom"

1. FC Cologne have dropped down to 17th place in the Bundesliga and lost their last three matches in a row. In an interview with, 29-year-old central defender Rafael Czichos spoke about the defeats, the meeting with TSG and Hoffenheim's strengths.

You've recently lost three competitive matches in a row. What do you need to work on to ensure that run ends on Friday?

"It's important for us to recognise it's not all been doom and gloom this season. We need to focus on the things we've previously done better throughout the campaign. In the last home game against Paderborn, which we won, for example. We had the right balance in that match: we defended well and scored some goals too."

Your last three games were away but you're finally back at home on Friday. How important is that for you?

"We're at home – we got our first win there in the week before the three away matches and we want to build on that. With our fans – but also for all the fans who supported us brilliantly in Mainz, Saarbrücken and Düsseldorf."

In TSG, you'll be hosting an opponent that has been on excellent recent form. How do you rate Hoffenheim?

"Hoffenheim didn't start the season well but on Friday we'll be up against a very in-form team that is currently on a five-match winning streak. The coach has prepared us very well – and we'll take that self-belief into the game and try to make things as difficult as possible for Hoffenheim. We succeeded in putting in a really good performance against Schalke when they were the team to beat – we should keep that in mind."

Cologne have struggled against Hoffenheim of late and have not won any of their last six Bundesliga meetings. What's that been down to?

"As a new signing, I'm going into the match with a clean slate and I can't comment on that. (laughs) I obviously hope the slate remain clean for me."

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