No comment with Sargis Adamyan

Sargis Adamyan has enjoyed a meteoric rise. The Armenia native was still playing in the Regionalliga two years ago, but a move to second-tier Jahn Regensburg followed and he then joined TSG Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga this summer. In SPIELFELD, the 26-year-old forward introduces himself to the TSG fans – without uttering a single word.


Sargis, you have three older sisters. Did you look after them or was it they who pointed you in the right direction?


You were a national table tennis champion as a kid. What was your trademark shot?


You're clearly a talented all-rounder – is there anything you can't do?


What goal do you still really want to achieve in your life?


You spent the first five years of your life living in Armenia. What is typically Armenian?


You play alongside Arsenal star Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the Armenian national team. What's your relationship like?


What was your biggest dream as a small child?


Did you still believe a couple of years ago that you'd make it to the Bundesliga?


What goal celebration can the TSG fans look forward to seeing?

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