Champions League Home Games Sold Out

All three home matches in the Champions League group stage were sold out just a few hours after advanced sales of the "three-pack" of tickets to TSG members for the games had begun.

The groups for the first round of the Champions League will be drawn in Monaco on Thursday, whereupon TSG supporters will discover which top teams will be coming to the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar Arena as part of the group stage. What is already clear is that all three group stage matches to be played at home will be sold out. Just a few hours after advanced sales of the "three-pack" of tickets (all three group stage matches) to TSG members for the games had begun, they were all sold-out. All Hoffe fans want, of course, to be present for this historical event and secured for themselves a ticket for all three fixtures.

Important information: it could be the case that a few individual tickets for each game become available for sale again as things progress. This is always determined after the retrieval of the ticket contingents allocated to UEFA that are still blocked currently. In this case, an advance sale would be announced on our homepage. After that, tickets will only be sold online to TSG members – a free sale is not planned. Pre-ordering or reservations are not possible.

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