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Interview with Chinedu Obasi

He was out inured for over a year after a serous shin injury, but Nigerian forward Chinedu Obasi is not fit again and proving his ability. caught up with him to get his views on settling in at Hoffenheim and his run in the team.

Chinedu, it's fantastic to see you playing again.

Thanks very much. I'm delighted to be back with the boys again, training and playing regularly. I'm feeling great at the moment; it's the best I've felt for a long time. When I came back I was a little apprehensive about getting injured again, especially when you consider the style of the Bundesliga. But in the last few games I've been able to block that out of my mind.

How satisfied are you with performances so far?

I'm not totally satisfied with how I've played; there's still a little bit to go until I'm back to my best. This club has a lot of quality players, especially in attack, and teams fear us because we have such a strong squad.

Your German is improving all the time.

I just try to speak German with the team and I'm taking lessons still. It's not just on the pitch that I want to improve. I actually feel like a German already!

On Sunday you play against 1. FC Köln. Do you still remember your only Bundesliga goal, which came at the RheinEnergieStadion?

Yes of course. That was one of the very few headers I've scored. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. It was in the 2009-10 season; we played really well and won 4-0. I think it was actually Christian Eichner, who's now playing for Köln, who provided the assist for me.

So hopefully the fans will be seeing a jubilant Chinedu Obasi on Sunday then?

I hope so! I'm happy when one of my teammates scores as well. Obviously, if you score yourself, that makes the celebrations that extra bit sweeter. But I don't put any undue pressure on myself to score. I have a good feeling that I'll find the net again soon.

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