#TSG10: Dietmar Hopp's TSG dream team

Without Dietmar Hopp, the Hoffenheim success story would have never been written. Not only is he the main shareholder of our club, but he's a fervent fan too. For the special edition of SPIELFELD to mark our 10 years in the Bundesliga, we asked him to name his TSG dream team from the past decade.


Oliver Baumann is not just a calm, no-nonsense shot-stopper who offers quick reactions and a safe pair of hands on the big stage. He's also a really nice guy who is an asset to the club both on and off the pitch.


Mr. Reliable. Straightforward, loyal, combative. The best captain any club could hope to have. Not only that, but he was a smart guy who offered important leadership qualities off the pitch. Played more than 200 Bundesliga games for our TSG – that pretty much says it all.


The first TSG player to make it from the youth ranks to the international stage. At 17, he was involved in the "Miracle of Dortmund" and later helped Hoffenheim qualify for Europe. A modern defender par excellence: robust, quick, confident on the ball and a good passer who builds from the back.


One of TSG's great discoveries. A full Brazil international, Gustavo is an incredibly versatile player who is equally at home in central defence or defensive midfield and whose passionate and combative personality make him a natural leader.


One of the most skilful players to have worn the TSG shirt, Rudy is confident on the ball and keeps his cool under pressure. Often underestimated because he's more of a reserved and self-reflective type than a talker. Gave everything in his seven years at the club, which he rounded off by helping the team qualify for Europe as captain.


Not just a standout talent for TSG because of his spectacular free-kicks and composure from the spot (Dortmund!). "Sali" always gave his utmost for the team. A smooth operator, he was a figure the fans really identified with and they will always have a special place for him in their hearts.


Went from being a shy young lad to a world-class forward. A provider, finisher, hard-worker and fighter all rolled into one. And a nice guy to boot. We at TSG can be proud to have unearthed and developed the talented youngster into the international star he is today.


Many eyebrows were raised when we brought the youngster from Gremio to Kraichgau shortly after he turned 20 in the summer of 2007. But they were immediately won over by his exceptional talent. His artistry, skill on the ball, passing range and goals will never be forgotten.


Having left Oslo to join us in 2007, the Nigerian won over football fans in Germany with his speed, strength, skill in one-on-ones and versatility − he was equally at home on the flank or in the middle. Unfortunately, he would go on to suffer from niggling injuries that stopped his stock from rising even higher.


His goalscoring ratio from the 2008/09 season will probably never be equalled. Every single shot went in, he was a real fox in the box – and the season would surely have ended differently if he hadn't sustained that injury in the winter break. A merciless goal-getter.


No-one in a TSG shirt has ever twisted and turned as quickly or skilfully on the ball as Kramaric. An all-rounder who's equally happy assisting others or going for goal himself − and sometimes in spectacular fashion. Even before the 2018 World Cup, it was already clear what a talented player he is.


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