TSG imposes stadium bans

Bundesliga football club TSG Hoffenheim have sanctioned three individuals with nationwide stadium bans of 36, 24 and 12 months respectively for their part in extreme-right activities at and around the Champions League away match in Lyon, which ended 2-2, on 19 September last year. The decision was made by the Stadium Ban Committee, which consists of stadium ban representatives, fan coordinators and fan project staff.

TSG Hoffenheim condemns the incidents. The club stands for the values of tolerance, integration and respect. Our men's and women's youth and senior teams consist of players from 34 countries who co-exist as successful units. 

The club has repeatedly reiterated its clear stance in various different publications. One club statement on the matter read: "We reject any form of racism, discrimination and exclusion. We stand for an open society in which it must be permitted to freely express opinions without labelling and marginalising people. We oppose any form of radicalisation and call for an open and balanced dialogue in which there is no place for extremism in any form.

We advocate a culture of debate in which criticism and disagreement on matters represents an essential basis for further development on all levels of society. We are in favour of critical, fair and fact-based reporting that informs readers without defaming, differentiates without patronising and determines without instructing.

We are for a modern, open, transparent and innovative corporate culture that is predicated on equal rights, acceptance and humanity. We offer our athletes and employees education and training that is based on these common values."

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