Terrazzino: "It's going to be an intense match“

Marco Terrazzino was an U17 German champion in 2008 with TSG. He left Hoffenheim in 2011, returning in 2016. He then signed for SC Freiburg a year ago. The Mannheim native now returns to the WIRSOL Rhein-Neckar-Arena with his current club for this Saturday's match (15.30 CET.)

Marco, Hoffenheim could well stake a claim to being your sporting home. This Saturday you're coming back to TSG as an SC Freiburg player. Are you looking forward to the game?

''Of course it's a special occasion for me. But last year it was even more special what with it being the first time I'd played against Hoffenheim. After both matches last season it's almost become normal, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the lads as well as all the staff. Nadiem Amiri is the one I still talk to the most. I hope he gets back to full fitness soon.''

Are you bringing your own Terrazzino fan club with you?

''Yeah, the entire away section will be occupied by my family (laughs.) But no, seriously, my mum is coming, my uncle too, then just a few friends. Just because the match is taking place close to my home town Mannheim doesn't mean that everyone has to come. A few of those close to me will be there and I'm happy about that.''

Was the transfer to SC Freiburg the right decision for you career-wise?

''I think so. I've got more playing time in the Bundesliga and feel really happy here. I still have a lot of things to work on though. I want to improve, and I've set myself targets, for example this season I want to get on the score sheet more. I'm working hard to achieve this.''

Compared to last year there have barely been any departures. What can we expect from SC Freiburg this season?

''Last season really brought us together as a team. It was really intense, especially towards the end with the relegation battle. The new arrivals are really well suited to us and have already fully established themselves in the team. Preseason went really well. Although we lost the first match 2-0 to Frankfurt, we've still got a good feeling - you could see that we had some good passages of play and created good chances. I think we're better overall compared to last year. It's going to be an intense match on Saturday.''

Last night the Champions League draw took place. What do you make of TSG's ascension to Europe's elite competition?

''I have so much respect for the team's achievements. Going one better than the previous season by finishing in third place was incredible, and something no-one would have expected after the first round of fixtures. Knowing the lads personally makes me all the happier for them. The Champions League is brilliant for everyone involved in the club, and with Manchester City you have one of the world's best teams coming to Sinsheim. It's great to see things going in this direction.''

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