No comment with Leonardo Bittencourt

Leonardo Jesus Loureiro Bittencourt joined TSG Hoffenheim from 1. FC Cologne in the summer. The forward was born in Leipzig but grew up and came through the ranks in Cottbus, where his father Franklin was a player between 1998 and 2003. However, he feels equally at home in his parents' homeland: Brazil. The 24-year-old speaks Portuguese and likes the South American way of life. Below, he gives SPIELFELD a closer look into his life without uttering a single word.

You have dual German and Brazilian nationality and often spend time in your second homeland. Do you know Capoeira?

What about another Brazilian speciality, do you know how to make a Caipirinha?

There are two other Brazilian players − Joelinton and Felipe Pires − at TSG. What do you get up to when you meet up?

You grew up in Cottbus and are used to the cold, how do you fare in winter?

At 1.70m, you're not one of the tallest players at TSG Hoffenheim. How good are you at heading the ball?

You scored your first Bundesliga goal for TSG against Werder Bremen. What's your favourite goal celebration?

What's your bigger strength on the football pitch – tackling, stamina or technique?

Luckily, there's more to life than football. What do you looking forward to when you get home?

You used to celebrate carnival during your time at 1. FC Cologne. What was your last costume?

Your joie de vivre is always clear to see. But can you get serious at times too?

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