No comment with David Otto

2019 has already been a year of many highlights for David Otto: the 20-year-old striker made his Bundesliga debut back in February, in March he got his first goal for the Germany U20 national team and then April saw him star for the Hoffenheim U19 side during their memorable run in the UEFA Youth League. Interviewed by SPIELFELD, the Pforzheim native gave fans of the club a unique insight into his private life - and all without saying a single word.

You got impressive grades in your final school exams and both of your parents are teachers. Have you ever thought about following in their footsteps?

Your father often tells you that you shouldn't just play football; you should also read too. Do you take his advice?

You spent a long time living in a shared flat. What are your defining memories of this time?

You say yourself that you're not a geek. Tell us something that you know nothing about.

You say that if it weren't for football getting in the way, you would have loved to have gone travelling after school. What would have been your dream destination?

You already have a very impressive physique. Does this come naturally to you or do you have to work hard for it?

You're now playing in the Bundesliga. Who was your footballing idol when you were a young boy?

Your first season as a professional is coming to an end. How will you look back on it?

This one's between us: a professional footballer who got good grades at school - you surely must get a lot of love letters?

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