Best of no comment 2018

2018 was another year in which the TSG Hoffenheim players shared a few private details with SPIELFELD magazine - all without saying a single word. We've picked out and assembled all the best pictures from No Comment in 2018.

Matthias Kaltenbach

You've been working with Julian Nagelsmann for a long time now. Although you share a mutual sense of trust and respect, do you still end up getting into arguments sometimes?

Stefan Posch

Stefan, your brother Philipp is also a pro-footballer, plying his trade for Admira Wacker Mölding in the Austrian Bundesliga. Two ambitious sporting brothers in the one family: did the two of you ever come to blows?

Alexander Stolz

You're 35, with a contract until 2019. How long do you want to keep playing?

Ishak Belfodil

You were born in Algeria but grew up in France. Which country does your heart beat for?

Leonardo Bittencourt

You grew up in Cottbus so should be used to a bit of cold weather. Are you ready for Winter?

Joshua Brenet

Is there a sport you used to be particularly passionate about before your career as a professional footballer got going?

Vincenzo Grifo

Some people find it complicated: what's the perfect way to eat pasta?

Justin Hoogma

Your father Nico-Jan also played in defense. What was he better at than you?

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