Adams: "We still believe we have a chance"

Kasim Adams, 23, is one of 12 TSG Hoffenheim players about to depart for international duty. Before linking up with the Ghana squad, the defender spoke to about his trip home to represent his country, the Bundesliga run-in and his dismissal in Frankfurt.

Kasim, has the Bundesliga hiatus come at the right time?

"I believe that taking a bit of a step away always does you good. The fact that many of us will be playing for our national teams in the interim means that we're not going to lose our rhythm. Plus, I'm personally always delighted to fly back to Africa. We're playing against Kenya and Rwanda, which are important games. We have the chance to qualify for the African Cup of Nations. Then there's the fact I can see my family in Ghana, I'll be able to spend at least one or two days with them. That does me a lot of good after going so long without them, it's important for me and just a nice experience."

How do you see your prospects in the Bundesliga thereafter?

"Although the draw in Stuttgart came as a setback after the win against Nuremberg, we're ready for the season run-in and obviously still want to qualify for European competition. Once the international break is over, we'll be focused on every single match and we want to go on the kind of run we need. We still believe that we have a chance."

Was being sent off in the match at Eintracht Frankfurt a setback for you personally?

"It was very bitter because we went on to lose the match. Had we finished the game with a full contingent, I'm sure that we would've won it. For that reason I was very frustrated. Because up until that point it had been one of my best performances for TSG, and then I was subsequently suspended and had to sit out after having finally been able to get three consecutive matches under my belt. But I'm doing okay again now, the team and the coach have helped me a lot. You can't afford to dwell on things like that for too long, you just need to focus on the upcoming matches and work hard."

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