21 March – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The 21 March is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The date was not selected at random; it marks the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre on 21 March 1960, when more than 200,000 people gathered to hold a peaceful demonstration against the Apartheid regime in South Africa. But the situation escalated and the police opened fire on the protesters, killing 69 and seriously injuring hundreds more.

To mark this important occasion, the Bundesliga is holding its 'International Weeks Against Racism' until 24 March. This initiative in the stadiums of the clubs in the first and second tiers is supported by the German Football League (DFL) and is obviously actively backed by TSG Hoffenheim too. The entire club would like to place on record its backing for the following statement:

"Football overcomes borders, builds bridges and connects people – regardless of their beliefs, origins, skin colour or sexual orientation. More than 80,000 football matches bring together nine million sports enthusiasts in Germany each week. Around 7.1 million people in Germany – more than 8.5 percent of the population – are members of a football club. Our football clubs carry out important integration work, as they bring together people of different origins and religions. In our sport, the values of mutual respect, fair play and solidarity stand above all else. It doesn't matter whether it's at home or away: we won't watch on impassively if hate and violence are on the rise. For that reason, we are supporting this year's 'International Weeks Against Racism'. We would like to call upon all football enthusiasts to show the red card to words that are racist or discriminatory in any other way! We stand together – against racism and for 100 percent human dignity. Because there is no such thing as a bit of human dignity."

Zero tolerance

Already this season, TSG have imposed nationwide stadium bans on three supporters for extreme-right conduct during the Champions League away game at Olympique Lyon. TSG will not tolerate this conduct and issued the following clear message: "TSG Hoffenheim condemn the incidents. The club stands for tolerance, integration and respect. Our men's and women's teams at both youth and senior level consist of players from 34 different countries who are united as one."

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