10 years in the Bundesliga – The Film

TSG Hoffenheim have now been playing in the Bundesliga for a decade. To mark this occasion, a DVD entitled "10 Jahre Bundesliga – der Film" (10 Years in the Bundesliga - The Film) has been made and will soon be released.

Sometimes superlatives simply fly off the tongue of football commentators and you hear the age-old cinematic comparisons: "It's a Hollywood story" or even: "That was great cinema". But sometimes in football such magical stories are written that they absolutely have to be recorded on celluloid so they can be repeatedly brought back to life. One such fairytale is the story of TSG Hoffenheim, who have now spent 10 years in the Bundesliga − becoming winter champions, then almost getting relegated before hiring a young coach and playing great attacking football that has thrilled fans and led to Champions League qualification.

It is "a miracle", says Dietmar Hopp. And a miracle should be experienced both at the stadium and in a home cinema. Which is why a DVD has been made to commemorate TSG Hoffenheim's decade in the Bundesliga. The renowned sports commentator and film-maker Klaus Veltman (sky) has been retracing steps, sifting through material and speaking with a whole host of protagonists from the Bundesliga era – resulting in a film that lasts over two hours and is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Available for €10

The DVD will be available in the Fan Shop in time for our Season Opener on Saturday (11 August), with sales via the Online Store set to commence on Monday (13 August). Additionally, the film can be accessed via Amazon Prime.

The price (€10 in total) equates to one euro for each season in the Bundesliga.

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