DFL recommends suspension until at least 30 April

In preparation for the upcoming annual general meeting of clubs in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga on 31 March, the executive committee of the German Football League (DFL) convened on Tuesday for a video conference lasting several hours. In view of the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus, possible scenarios and potential courses of action were discussed. These plans will be developed further during the course of the week before being presented to the annual general meeting for discussion.

The executive committee is aware that all scenarios and potential courses of action are dependent on external factors which the DFL and clubs have little to no influence on: these include the continued spread of the virus and the evaluation of the situation by policymakers. With this in mind, the executive committee will make a recommendation at the DFL annual general meeting for the continued suspension of match operations in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga until at least 30 April.

In light of the potential existential threat several clubs are faced with, and, out of a sense of responsibility for the 56,000 people employed both directly and indirectly in the industry, the general meeting held on 16 March concluded with unanimous support for a 30 June target date for the conclusion of the league, insofar as this would be legally permissible and, of course, justifiable in terms of health and safety. The DFL is currently working under high pressure to develop plans for matches to be held - depending on the circumstances - without spectators in the stadium and with a minimum number of persons present to perform functions related to sport, general organisation and media. This would ensure that, in contrast to amateur sports activities or other recreational events, the only persons present in the stadium would be there to carry out professional functions.

In light of the current situation, the DFL executive committee has also decided to postpone the planned tender for media rights. Instead of the originally planned date in May, the rights are now expected to be allocated in June of this year. Last Friday, the Federal Cartel Office approved the DFL's proposed marketing package. At the present time, the DFL is entirely focused on overcoming the challenges posed by the ongoing situation. (DFL) 

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