Nordtveit: "I belong in the woods"

Since he was a young boy, Håvard Nordtveit has heard the call, not of the city, but of nature. That is where he finds his centre. In an interview with the club magazine, SPIELFELD, which will be published on Friday 14 February, the 29-year-old spoke about his love of nature, breaking away from the highly-strung circus that is the professional game and about his future in his Norwegian homeland.

The interview with Håvard Nordtveit took place in no ordinary place. Instead, the Norwegian chose a forest in Zuzenhausen to hold the interview. "I love it out here. I belong in the woods, not in the city. The close connection with nature comes from my childhood. In Norway, as soon as we are at Kindergarten, we start going out for a walk in the forest once a day and have picnics there. I spent a lot of time outside as a young boy. I feel at home in the woods and I also love to walk and play with my children there."

The 29-year-old uses nature to recuperate. His favourite hobby – fishing – also helps here: "Finding some peace in the hectic world of football – that's where nature does me good. And it's the same on holiday. I feel relaxed straight away when I am in the silence of the woods, or when I climb into a boat to go fishing. Then I can let go, unwind and completely switch off. It's just great."

Although the Norwegian feels very comfortable in the Kraichgau, he does miss his family, who have moved back home. "I want to stay for two years and throw myself into TSG, but after that I will have been away from my home and my family for long enough. I have experienced a lot in football. I am very pleased, proud, and grateful too. Without sport, I couldn't live my life as it is now. Then I will go to my hometown team FK Haugesund in Norway and want to give something back to the club. First on the pitch, then later maybe as a manager. We will see."

But before that, Håvard Nordtveit still wants to achieve a little more with TSG Hoffenheim. "We want to get back into the Europa League. That is my personal goal and that of the entire team. We want to play those midweek games again. That is a great feeling."

Another major highlight is awaiting Nordtveit as early as in late March: He will play for Norway against Serbia in the semi-finals of the play-offs for Euro 2020. "I have played plenty of games for Norway, but that will be a really special game for me. Playing in the Euros is my big dream," said Nordveit in an interview with SPIELFELD, and he announced that he will retire from the national team afterwards: "It will be the last chance for me to play a tournament for Norway. It is always something special to play with the Norwegian flag on your chest. But, after nine years, in summer it will be time to say goodbye."


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