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TSG Hoffenheim keeps its fans entertained and up-to-date on social media with news updates, videos and photos - and the club is also active on the platform. The variety of content on offer has just been expanded to tie in with the start of the new season - it's well worth a look!

Whether it be Ishak Belfodil celebrating a goal, Ermin Bicakcic getting the crowd going, head coach Alfred Schreuder answering questions in a press conference, new signing Ihlas Bebou in action or indeed club mascot Hoffi cheering on the team: TSG Hoffenheim is using GIFs to bring the game to life on social media. To tie in with the start of the new season, a whole raft of new moving images, which can be shared on other social media platforms, have just been released on the club's giphy channel.

TSG has a verified account on the Giphy platform. The world's leading GIF search engine acts as a point of contact for football fans from all over the world to download moving images and animations of their favourite clubs and share them directly on their social media channels. Hoffenheim is one of the first teams in the Bundesliga to have its own profile and share exclusive content online. The variety of GIFs on offer is constantly being expanded. Each GIF is produced by TSG's social media department or TSG.TV and is not available on any other channel!

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Here's how it works: on the official club profile, fans can choose from various GIFs depicting different players, gestures and scenes. These GIFs can either be downloaded or incorporated directly into social media posts via a so-called "embed code". If you want to get started right away, just click here for the official TSG Hoffenheim Giphy profile!

Giphy isn't the only social media platform TSG are active on: ''Hoffe'' can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat!

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