Sports hero 2018: TSG fan Philipp is nominated

Philipp Nunninger lives with down syndrome. He is the TSG fan who has been nominated by SWR as their sports hero.

Once again, SWR is searching for this year's sports hero of 2018. One of the nominees is TSG fan Philipp Nunninger. The 34-year-old plays football and is the second chairman of the Hoffenheim fan club for adaptive sports ("Integrativen Hoffenheim Fanclub"). Philipp, who lives with down syndrome was voted for by 150 members. He organises away trips and frequently scores for TSG Lützelsachsen. "Philipp is an example. He shows us how it can be. He often says, 'Do it, just do it!' and puts his mind to it. A lot of people could really learn from that," said Charly Mildenberger, a representative for people with disabilities at TSG.

He has been nominated to be 2018's sports hero for his contributions. Vote for Philipp here



Down Syndrome is an unchangeable genetic feature. Instead of having the usual 23 pairs of chromosomes in all human cells, people with down syndrome have an extra chromosome. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. The extra chromosome adds to a total of three, which is why it is called "Trisomy 21".


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