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Images, concepts and ideas: All important information about our Academy’s three centres.


The Centre of Excellence can be found at 1899 Hoffenheim’s former first team training ground on the Sinsheimer Strasse. This is where the U16, U17 and U19 teams train. The facility also includes an internal boarding school option for the players and is able to accommodate a maximum of 12 players in individual rooms. The Centre of Excellence consists of two high-quality grass pitches, including all the necessary components for the successful infrastructure of a modern football club. Players have access to astate of the art gym, a modern physiotherapy, meeting rooms as well as study rooms, and game rooms. All of this is accompanied by a well-rounded, holistic approach to the player's education. After their regular communal lunch, the players at the Centre of Excellence are individually supported by one of our many experts. Alongside the daily training routines, the "achtzehn99 ACADEMY" assists the player's with their schoolwork, offers individual athletic training sessions, and sports psychological counselling.

Youth Development Centre:

The Youth Development Centre is located near Zuzenhausen. This is where players ranging from the ages of 12 to 15 are encouraged to further progress as footballer players, whilst strengthening their social skills and developing strong personalities. In the Youth Development Centre, the transition from basic to advanced training is completed. The achtzehn99 ACADEMY not only looks after the players’ sports education but, in partnership with the “Anpfiff ins Leben” organisation, also supports them in terms of their school and social activities. We place great value on team-building activities to promote good social behaviour and spend considerable time with the players in detailed feedback sessions.

Kids Centre (KidZ):

The Kids Centre (KidZ) is located at the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion on Hoffenheim’s Silbergasse 45. In January 2010, a project unique in Germany was started here that not only offers children optimal, child-orientated training, but also aims to provide all dedicated coaches and clubs of this age group with meaningful educational, age-appropriate coaching at advanced training seminars.