Academy Arena (U14-U16)

Training at the Academy Arena in Häuselgrund, Zuzenhausen, covers the transition from basic coaching to high-performance sport, preparing young players for the next major step in their development.


This is where the skills learned at the Basics Centre are refined and enhanced. Because players in this age group experience their most sustained period of physical growth, we take particular care in the way we foster their athletic and psychological development at this stage.

Academy Arena Training

  • Automation and reinforcement of basic techniques
  • Enhancement of group-tactical elements to foster creative speed of play
  • Reinforcement of basic athletic abilities
  • Reinforcement of player-specific training on the pitch and in the “Footbonaut”
  • Intensification of sport-specific psychological consultation and cognitive training


Personality Development

  • Beginning of the individualization process
  • Coaching in teamwork and individual footballing “flair”
  • Guidance on personal responsibility and initiative



Academy Arena
- U14 | U15 | U16 -

Häuselgrundweg 21
74939 Zuzenhausen
Fax: 07261 / 9477 222

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